Request Screen

To show more fields that are not supported by normal Jira Service Desk portal, you may use Request Detailed Screen to show field values on the request view screen.


  1. Select the Jira icon > Jira settings > Apps or Add ons.

  2. Under Tinker for JSD, click Request Screen

Create Request Screen 

To add a new screen with a collection of fields click on Create Request Screen

Fill in a name and choose the request types that you would like to assign for this screen, as illustrated in the image below

After that click Save


The system will show Request types that are already assigned to a screen in highlighted color, checking them will overwrite the assignment to other screen:



Edit Fields

To change the fields that are assigned to the screen, click Edit Fields

After that, dialog will show for the according screen, search for the field that needs to be added and then click add. The fields order can be sorted by drag and drooping (just like Normal Jira Screens)

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If you have other fields in mind Send us a request if you'd like to add another field

Delete Screen

To delete a screen, you need to first un-assign the screen from all request types, after that the table will show the delete option